Maskwise Launches New D2C Online Store with Flagship Acteev™ Anti-Microbial Face Masks

Maskwise Launches New D2C Online Store with Flagship Acteev™ Anti-Microbial Face Masks

A reusable mask may look great, but is it really reusable? Is it convenient to wash and dry a cloth mask after each use? Is it realistic? Are consumers aware of the efficacy of the fabrics used to make cloth face masks? Should they be? How?

Maskwise asks these difficult questions, and decided that the answer is a firm “No.”

Distributor of Acteev Face Masks

It’s unrealistic to wash a mask after each time it is worn. Cloth masks are often made by inexperienced factories hopping on the bandwagon. Additionally, their efficacy after machine washing is unknown. Maskwise provides high-quality face masks that work with your lifestyle, and at a family-friendly cost.

They’re keenly aware of the adaptation of masks as a fashion statement, and as a result they offer masks in a range of colors. Still disposable, still high-quality, but with a nod to individual expression.

In addition to their standard line of masks, Maskwise now has an unparalleled new product to celebrate this launch. Enter Acteev Protect™, a mask technology that guards against the growth of unwanted odor-causing bacteria, fungi and microbes.

These masks incorporate zinc ions into the polymer matrix of the fabric. This is not a spray, or a coating. It is a permanent solution against these unwanted odor-causing microbes, which are entirely destroyed by Acteev Protect™. The protection lies within the fabric itself. Plain and simple.

Made from polyamide-based polymer, a tough yet soft material, Maskwise’s Acteev mask is not the scratchy, uncomfortable material many have come to expect. The polymer is durable, yet smooth and soft, allowing long periods of use without irritation or discomfort.

*Acteev Protect does not protect users or others against disease-causing bacteria. These claims fall under the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's treated article exemption.

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When the COVID 19 pandemic got going and PPE supplies ran low, Maskwise stepped in. All through the late Winter, Spring and Summer, Maskwise distributed millions of masks to hospitals, care homes and other institutions in desperate need of a trusted, stateside PPE partner. Maskwise used its supply chain connections to create dedicated channels for masks, and ensured open access to masks through managed ordering protocols. Maskwise remains an important wholesaler of masks.