<b>Introducing The Only Mask You’ll Ever Need...</b>

Introducing The Only Mask You’ll Ever Need...

Across the globe, individuals are turning to face masks as they embark on their day-to-day lives, with many areas mandating face coverings as a part of widespread public health measures. Along with the implementation of daily mask use, there has been a rise in user concerns, citing breakouts, discomfort, lack of breathability and long-term wearability, as well as environmental concerns.

Breath easier with a face mask that is powerful enough to work, yet comfortable enough to wear. The Acteev Protect line of general-purpose face masks is made from a revolutionary new fabric that holds up wear-after-wear while being gentle on your skin.

Acteev Protect Is The Softest Mask You’ll Ever Wear

It seems like masks either are soft and offer limited protection against the elements or they claim to offer protection but are uncomfortable to wear. Why can’t you have both? Unlike other masks on the market, the Acteev Protect mask includes cooling, moisture-wicking technology that makes it breathable and gentle on your skin. Finally, a mask that is comfortable enough for daily use yet strong to stand up to environmental elements. Get yours here.

Acteev Protect Is Tough On Microbes

Say goodbye to unpleasant odors! The Acteev technology is packed with microbe-fighting active ingredients to kill off the germs that cause bad smells, leaving your mask fresh for the next use. Along with odor-eliminating properties, the Acteev Protect mask destroys viruses, bacteria and fungi to deliver long-lasting efficacy. 

Acteev Protect Is Gentle On The Environment

Does tossing your disposable mask in the garbage make you cringe a little? Us too! You shouldn’t have to choose between protecting yourself or positively impacting the environment. Your Acteev Protect mask is reusable AND washable. Plus, its active ingredient is zinc oxide, which is on the FDA’s GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) list. Because the active zinc ions are embedded at the base level of Acteev and not added on in a water-intensive finish, it will not flake off or wash away.

Acteev Protect Nonwoven Masks vs. The Other Nonwoven Masks

When comparing our Acteev Protect nonwoven masks against the competition, there are a few correlations points like three-layer construction and elastic ear loops, but that is where the similarities stop. 


Acteev Protect Nonwoven Masks:

  • Pleated three-layer construction
  • Elastic earloops and adjustable nose piece
  • Patent-pending Acteev technology 
  • Odor and mildew-resistant
  • Ultra-soft, moisture-wicking material providing enhanced breathability and comfort
  • Reusable and hand washable making it safe and sustainable

Other Nonwoven Masks: 

  • Pleated three-layer construction
  • Earloops and adjustable nose piece
  • Made with polypropylene (thermoplastic polymer)
  • Not washable and meant for limited use (5-8 hours) before disposing
  • Made internationally and imported to the USA


    See The Acteev Protect Masks In Action

    People just like you are experiencing the difference of the Acteev Protect line of masks. Here’s what they had to say:

    Frustrated with skin irritation and lack of breathability caused by other masks in the marketplace?

    Order your Acteev Protect today!

    What Is Acteev?

    Acteev™ is a patent-pending technology that shows demonstrated efficacy against microbes including SARS-CoV-2, the cause of COVID-19. Masks made with Ascend Protect™ fabric offer comfortable protection plus high performance.

    Benefits of Acteev Technology


    Effective against coronavirus 

    • Demonstrated 99% effective against bacteria fungi and viruses.
    Mildew and odor-resistant
    • Designed to stop microbe growth to help keep your mask fresher for longer. 
    Safe and sustainable
    • Embedded active zinc ions don’t wash away or flake off like silver and other topical treatments/coatings.

    Independent laboratories have tested the patent-pending Acteev technology for efficacy against common viral, bacterial and fungal strains.¹ 

    How Does It Work?

    The Acteev technology is based on active zinc ions embedded in the polymer matrix that defend against bacteria and viruses. 

    • The active zinc ions deactivate viruses by attacking the polar end groups and blocking the glycoprotein channels. This breaks apart the protective virus wall, rendering the virus ineffective.
    • When bacteria make contact with Acteev, the active zinc ions block cellular pathways use to process the essential nutrients that bacteria require to survive. Without it, the bacteria “starve” and do not grow.

      Zinc vs. Silver

      Acteev technology uses active zinc ions and offers safe, effective and durable antiviral and antimicrobial mask protection.



      • An essential mineral for human health
      • Generally regarded as safe by FDA²
      • Embedded in ionic form in the polymer matrix of Acteev
      • Not perceived as a threat by the microbe
      • Dyeable and wash-fast over the life of the product



        • Not a human nutrient
        • Not on the FDA’s GRAS list²
        • Typically applied as a coating or finishing treatment which allows the metal to dissipate
        • Perceived as a foreign body to bacteria and can develop resistance over time
        • Changes colour over time, potentially yellowing or turning green

        Acteev Technology vs. Cotton

        Cotton is a popular choice for face masks, but it lacks the bioefficacy of Acteev.

        Acteev Technology:

        • Acteev masks are made from polyamide 66, which provides a moisture-wicking effect in the facemask and keeps the zinc ions in their active form
        • Guards against the growth of unwanted odor-causing bacteria, fungi and microbes
        • Absorbs 0.2% of its weight in moisture in 10 minutes at 50% relative humidity


          • A recent study³ found that “Moisture retention, reuse of cloth masks, and poor filtration may result in increased risk of infection.”
          • Does not offer antimicrobial properties to protect the mask
          • Absorbs as much as 6% of its weight in moisture in 10 minutes at 50% relative humidity

          Don’t take our word for it.

          Try the all-new Acteev technology for yourself! 


          Disclaimer: The statements made regarding this product have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Ascend Performance Materials, the makers of Acteev technology and Acteev Protect masks, is currently working to obtain authorization from the FDA and EPA to make the claims presented on this website. Not all claims are permitted in all jurisdictions, including in the United States, at this time. Acteev Protect does not protect users or others against disease-causing bacteria.

           ¹ Testing conducted on various end forms. ​Testing by the University of Cambridge found a > 3 log reduction in SARS-CoV-2 and H1N1 viruses upon instant contact on polyamide 66 textile fabric with Acteev technology as compared to an identical basis weight polyamide 66 textile fabric without Acteev technology. Acteev Protect does not protect users or others against disease-causing bacteria.

          ² CFR - Code of Federal Regulations Title 21, Volume 6, Part 582 - Substances Generally Recognized As Safe

          ³ Study - A cluster randomized trial of cloth masks compared with medical masks in healthcare workers